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Season of Saturdays Core Curriculum & Internet Marketing Workshop

This course has been approved by the Maryland Licensing Commission and exceeds the requirements of the Maryland state licensing law.

It is being offered in Arlington, Virginia on nine Saturdays.

Each day includes eight hours of technical training followed by an optional one-hour internet marketing workshop.

Course Description: 72-hour Core Curriculum w/ Internet Marketing Workshops

Classroom Location: 5115 Little Falls Road, Arlington, Virginia

Course Fee: $1,875

Final Exam Fee: $150

Tuition Financing: $475 Down payment due with Registration. Weekly payments of $200 until your balance is paid.

Text Book: Included

Prerequisites: None (Maryland licensing and Virginia certification require a high diploma or equivelency)

More Information: www.HITA-Training.com

Questions: 703-468-1400

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